Gail Loftus

Gail is a Suffolk based Abstract Expressionist artist.

“I usually like to work with Acrylic and Watercolour, and absolutely love the unpredictability water can bring to my work, not knowing where a single drip will go or how it will change a piece. This unknown is what draws me to create. I am compelled to paint – I can’t describe the feeling. I find this form of expressing myself to be a release. More often than not I am inspired by nature and the landscapes I am surrounded by. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, that is enriched with wonderful colours and views. I want my work to provoke an emotion or feeling with its viewer.”

Gail has a background in Interior Design and Architecture, completing a BA Hons degree in Interior Design at the University Campus Suffolk. This certainly influences her ability to visualise paintings in a setting.